ARM Optimized strlen()

Few weeks ago I started a personal project to enable lua programming under u-boot to allow easy access of peripherals and create small embeddable initialization scripts which I have missed during professional Embedded Development. Another goal of this projects is to optimize u-boot’s ARM code so the first optimization go through string manipulation functions, today […]

SVN & TRAC Backup

After a few server crashes I had to write this very same script each time so I better keep it up here and maybe someone find it useful 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 #!/bin/sh   PREFIX=/var/develbackup SVNFOO=/home/svnuser/repos/foo TRACFOO=/home/svnuser/trac-env/foo   DATE=$( date +%Y%m%d ) BACKUPDIR=backup-${DATE}   mkdir ${PREFIX}/${BACKUPDIR} […]

Papers of the Month: Detecting RF Devices & Embedded Multi-Core

Airshark: Detecting Non-WiFi RF Devices using Commodity WiFi Hardware [PDF version] The paper presents a series of techniques which goal is to detect the presence of RF signal from different devices such as bluetooth, Zigbee, etc. They main contributions is the use of commodity WiFi adapters which allows anyone to use the solution proposed. The […]

Software Testing Strategies

Software testing belongs to a wider topic, Verification and Validation, where testing procedures try to achieve these goals. Verification: Check whether we are building the product right Validation: Whether we are building the right product Some authors propose several strategies to improve software testing results: Quantify Requirements long before the testing begins: So testers can […]

Understanding CAN Protocols I

  This is the first article in a serie about CANBus and higher-level protocols, which are extensibily used in Industrial environtmens along with Embedded Systems. CANBus standard describes only the layer 1 and 2, from an OSI point of view, dealing with physical and datalink activities. On the other hand, CANOpen is a protocol which […]

Man In Remote

  Man In Remote Setup After presenting this talk first at RootedCon and a month later at Hackito Ergo Sum the time for releasing the code behind it has arrived. To understand the source code, you only need to have a look at the deployment diagram where the attacker is drawn in red and the […]