radare2 cheat sheet

As many of you already know, but in case you don’t, radare is really great and versatile low-level tool which can be used as a simple hex editor or to perform complex binary analysis as part of a reverse engineering process.

In 100% work on and has been built for UNIX, so expect a great and powerful command line interface which will allow to get your job done quick.

As part of my job I often do firmware reverse engineering so below you can find the commands I used the most in this duty

# open without providing a file
$ r2 -

# list files

# open new file

# close a file using the first number provided by o

# arithmetic operations
? 0xA + 0xB

# file information, size, etc

# edit configuration

# allow strings cmd
e bin.rawstr=true

# show strings 

# search ASCII pattern

# search HEX pattern

# move to position
# Enter Visual Mode V # open cmd-line in V-mode : # span columns alt,+