SQUID + Active Directory

A few post ago I wrote about integrating SQUID and Active Directory in order to allow/deny users to access specific webpages depeding on the groups a user belongs. The windows package of Squid comes with several external programs which can be used as external ACLs which allow you to query the local Active Directory in […]

Creating an Installer Using NSIS (III)

In this last post about NSIS I am going to describe how to use some of the most useful plugins which will allow you create a pretty decent and featurefull installer for windows. Checking for adminstrator privileges: userInfo::getAccountType Pop $0 StrCmp $0 “Admin” +3 MessageBox MB_OK “Debe tener privilegios de administrador para correr este programa […]

Creating an Installer Using NSIS (II)

After playing for a few days with NSIS I have manage to create a full features installer which perform all the actions I needed. These are the following: Download files Unzip Files to a specific folder Execute external installers Modify Environment Variables Since NSIS supports plug-ins there are quite a few available which provide extra […]

Creating an Installer Using NSIS (I)

Last week I faced a new problem, I had to program a installer for Windows in order to deploy some software we have produced at work. After a quick googling I found NSIS an installer generator, open source and with a simple scripting language. NSIS comes with a compiler which parses the sentences writting in […]