First Audio Show!!

Hi there, here is my very first Audio Show called “NITS” (Nothing Interesting To Say). Apologizes for my very bad speaking English but I haven’t been able to improve it as much as the written one.

The goal of this show is chat with someone about the computer related stuff I am working on, maybe I haven’t done my best this first time but I will keep on improving so stay tuned for the second show!

This I have talked:

– Aspect Oriented Programming

– Generative Programming

– Bluetooth Projects

PS: I think I haven’t spoken very much about technical stuff just a few general ideas really so I will focus on it a little more 🙂

3 thoughts on “First Audio Show!!

  1. Hey,
    That was fun, I like it and your english is far way from bad.
    I’m sorry I cannot comment anything about the stuff you are saying, my lack
    of knowlegde is evident, but I really like the idea of hearing things, a speaking
    blog good idea.

    the boring next-to-be FrauDoktor

  2. I really appreciate your comments! That motivates me to produce another worthless version of my show heheh

    Cheers Rakel!

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