BioPhysics of Biological Circuits

This September I will attend to a interesting summer school organized by the Nicolas Cabrera Institute (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid). I know I will enjoy it for sure since I love this field but I think it is not going to be easy, a lot of advanced mathematics are going to be used to explain these engines of life.

I paste the program below with the links to the abstracts:
Biophysics of genetic networks

Bela Novak. ‘Mathematical modeling of molecular regulatory networks’

Mark Goulian. ‘Two-component signaling in bacteria’

Pablo Iglesias. ‘Feedback control in biological signaling pathways’

Biophysics of neuronal circuits

Björn Brembs. ‘Brains as output/input devices’

Fabrizio Gabbiani. ‘An introduction to neural information processing and coding’

Dmitri Chklovskii. ‘Statistical theory of brain design’

Biophysics of single molecules and cell organization

Patricia Bassereau. ‘Molecular motors and intracellular traffic’

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