Programming with J2ME

Due to my interest in bluetooth I need to start learning about J2ME, MIDlet and related stuff to achieve the goals I have in mind. Once I learn all this new information I will code, together Ruben, a very interesting and maybe 100% new mobile application. J2ME and Midlets building documentation: J2ME and MIDP Development […]

Delivering new bluetooth possibilities

As I told someone some days ago I am working in a new use of bluetooth technologies in mobiles phones and handled devices. As first step I am collecting as much information about different bluetooth stack implementations, programming interfaces on severals OSs (mainly windows, linux and *BSD). I am using this entry to write down […]

OCL->forAll(pre and post)

As I pinned some days ago I am very interested in verification and validation methods. While thinking in preconditions, invariants and stuff OCL came to my mind and I started diving the web looking for a OCL parser and I found an OCL ANTLR grammar: Benjamin (HP workmate) pointed me to an Java/C++ parser […]