Eclipse & refactoring

After speding a couple of hours talking to Pablo about computer related stuff I realized the impact of refactoring in the way of people code and how it is going to be related with tools like Eclipse. I have been interested in this field for a year and I am becoming more and more. Some […]

C++ and std lib fight

After spending almost a day debugging a memory leak which drove my app to crash I found the problem was with a vector variable. It was not possible to free its memory with the proper destructor var.~vectorit always crashed in ntdll. Does anyone know anything about it? The fix was to use Type *a = […]

Design by contract in C++

Since I were tought about Bertrand Meyer’s Eiffel and its nice feature of design by contract I got interested in validation and verification of systems. Since most of the code I write is in C, C++ or even Java, I have looked for elegant ways of including contracts in C & C++. Next is what […]

wxWindows tricks: observer pattern

Implementing a observer (publish-subscriber) pattern for drawing bussiness data on GUI is bit tricky since you are out of the event loop so the GUI will not be refreshed till the application return to this loop. To make a windows refreshes out of the event loop wxWindows offer ::wxSafeYield() which flushes events suchs as paint […]

Good shell scripting practice

Since I started work at HP I became worrier and worrier in producing shell scripts easy to extend. I have modified hundrends of badly written scripts and worst designed in a couple of days which led our team, fortunately, to a non-big fiasco. Anyway, all could have been nice if the original scripts were acomplished […]

Almost finished

I have been working on the application all the night and it only lacks to add a few lines of code and connect the GUI to the core. If all go smoothly I will finish it on Monday or Thursday!! I hope I can send the thesis to Turiel next Friday 🙂

New blog new life

After Ru reminded me I had an old blog in I wanted me to continue posting news about what happens in my life. I don’t want a lot of people reading this shit, even I would be happy without any read ever.& I just want to keep this update to be aware of how […]