Dumping Pebble’s Firmware

Pebble (http://www.getpebble.com) is a smart-watch pretty popular for rasing more than $10 million from a Kickstarter campaign. Features a STM32 microprocessor as can be seen in wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pebble_(watch)). Pebble’s update package contains a bootloader image but I wanted to dump what really is on the internal flash. In this post I dump the memory content […]

Running Gstreamer on Windows

Gstreamer is a really great framework for creating multimedia applications on Unix environments and specially useful when dealing with multimedia Embedded Projects. Interfacing with this Embedded Applications from other platforms, rather than Linux, is often a requirement so this is a quick reminder about how to set up gstreamer on Windows OS. The steps are […]

Quick dhcpd & tftpd setup

This is a quick note to remember how to setup a dhcpd server and tftpd when dealing with Embedded Devices which often retrieve updates via tftp specified via dhcp response. This both tools are launched in foreground mode so they can be quickly stopped and the log is output to the stderr so in can […]

radare2 cheat sheet

As many of you already know, but in case you don’t, radare is really great and versatile low-level tool which can be used as a simple hex editor or to perform complex binary analysis as part of a reverse engineering process. In 100% work on and has been built for UNIX, so expect a great […]